I always tell people we met at the IRONMAN Triathlon, but really, we met at a bar, called the Moose, which is also my sister’s dog’s name.

But it was the night before the IRONMAN competition in Coeur d’Alene, ID. And I like to think it was love at first sight, under a large stuffed Moose head...every girl’s dream. We met that one night, at that one bar, and then we went our separate ways, 1,168 miles apart. But something brought us back together, and on our 5th date, that Idaho boy was moving this South Dakota girl half way across the country. That was our first adventure and we haven’t stopped since.

It’s incredible to think that that one moment in time would eventually lead to our greatest adventure yet, Peaks to Ports.

Peaks to Ports is our adventure of traveling from the mountains of Idaho to the shores of the West Indies in search of a greater perhaps…on a sailboat. We sold our house and most of our belongings, stuffed everything else into a storage unit, quit our careers, and moved on to a sailboat to cruise the Caribbean with our pup, Chappie.

Yes, we’re really doing it!

And no, we don’t think we’re crazy...well not that crazy. We think it’s crazier to always live a life of routine, constantly starring at a computer screen, letting someone else determine how valuable your time is. Look around you. How many people do you think are settling? Probably A LOT. People settle into okay relationships, okay jobs, okay friends and an okay life. Why? Because okay is comfortable. Okay pays the bills, and provides a warm bed at night. Some people are fine with okay, and guess what? That's okay. But okay is not thrilling, it isn't passion, it's not life-changing or unforgettable. Okay is not the reason you risk absolutely everything you've got for the smallest chance that something absolutely amazing could happen. 

Through our travels we hope to capture the world in a way that lets people realize there is more than their 9-5 job. We hope to inspire others to escape that reality, even if it is just for a short time, or in their own way. We always want to be brave, wild, and stay forever hungry for art, love, knowledge and adventure and we hope that our blog somehow inspires you to chase that goal or dream you always thought was “crazy,” because with enough heart, anything is possible. 

Unfortunately we have learned, the very hard way, the impact of the age-old cliché: "Life is too short" which also played a part in our decision to sail. You can read more about those events here: The Why


Fun facts about Tye written by Amy:

  • Age: 35
  • He's an old soul at heart and would do anything for anyone. 

  • Most people don't know that he's a pilot. 

  • Has a storage unit full of the most random antiques and can recall odd facts about everything in his collection. 

  • He's a critical care murse.

  • Was a extra in a Snoop Dogg movie.

  • He's never had a cup of coffee. It kills me. 

  • Has summited 49 of the 50 state highpoints

  • World traveler—he's been everywhere. 

  • My BIGGEST pet peeve is that he wears his stained, baggy, white basketball shorts from 1999...like every day. I have a feeling they might go missing real soon. 

  • Photographic memory with numbers

  • He's a master flipper. Tye has turned a profit on hospital beds, motorcycles, pottery, and even Felipe Castaneda sculptures. I've stopped asking where he finds these things. 

  • Worked as a host ranger for a month at Moose Creek Ranger Station...totally off the grid with no electricity or running water.

  • Tye is calm, cool, collected and so so patient—a quality I wish I had.



Fun facts about Amy written by Tye:

  • Age: 28 
  • Ironman Finisher 2014 (12 minutes faster than Tye)
  • Professional Photographer since 2012 (look her up www.ajofotografi.com)
  • Ran a 4:30 1500m in college = CRAZY (equivalent to a 4:46 mile time)
  • Regardless if she has a serving on a plate, a half plate, or a full plate, Amy will alway leave a bite or two and claim that she is full...but saves room for dessert. 
  • Claims to have never farted (Mmhmm, suuuure)
  • Won her 5th grade gym class wrestling tournament, which is still her father's proudest moment.
  • Loses her phone daily, sometimes more
  • Rocked an afro for the first 6 years of her life. 
  • Still owns her collection of Polly Pockets.
  • Hates driving.  She literally drove 1/4 mile out of our 3500 mile trip across the USA.
  • Survived 3 ischemic and 1 hemorrhagic stroke and eventually had surgery on a hole in her heart.  
  • Was featured for a news documentary which was later on nominated for an EMMY.
  • A quality pour over coffee, avocados, M&M's, and anything white are some of her favorite things.
  • Has the biggest heart of anyone I know