Meet Chap. Or Captn' Chap as we're calling her these days. She's the sweetest soul you'll ever meet. And we're forewarning you that we're slightly obsessed with her. (#sorrynotsorry)


I love surprises. I know not everyone does, they send some people into a sheer panic, but I think they're special. It's the extra thought and planning that goes in to the gift that makes it that much more meaningful. As it turns out, Tye always has a surprise up his sleeve and to date, Chappie has been hands down the best surprise...and believe me, I've had some pretty good ones. 

Chappie came about after a week long scavenger hunt where each day resulted in a different gift. On the last day this sweet little pup was waiting outside my front door wrapped in a pink blanket, just the size of a peanut, staring up at me with those big brown puppy eyes. She's been stealing hearts ever since.

Chappie is a Deer Chihuahua, which means she has very long legs and a deer shaped head vs. an apple dome. We're thankful to say that she defies most of the Chihuahua stereotypes. She loves children, especially babies, she's obsessed with bacon strips level obsessed. She is one of the most athletic dogs I've ever met. She will beat us to the top of a mountain and back down again and her vertical is insane. She still acts like a playful puppy but she's also patient, quiet, super chill, well behaved, a serious cuddle bug and the best travel companion we could ask for. And there's something about sand (like beach sand) that makes her loose her miiiind, so we're excited to see her go crazy on numerous beaches this next year. 

As it turns out, sailing with a dog is not easy. Each island has it's own import law and requirements for bringing an animal ashore. With the help of a few other sailing blogs, we were able to navigate the pet import process. You can read about our experience here: Sailing with a dog.